I’ve been an antique collector nearly all my life...

I started out collecting coins as a child, then as a young man in the military I started collecting militaria and restoring antique war rifles (M-1 Garands and such). Then, over the last 10 years or so I have been an avid collector of all things auto/moto and petrolia related.  I also collect and appreciate motorcycles, all types of early strong boxes and chests, furniture and fine art. My love of fine art also motivates me to work with artists to commission hand painted works on old barn wood and some of the gas pumps that I acquire to create a one of a kind, unique piece. 

In both my own collection and pieces I offer to the public, I try to concentrate on the rare and unusual. I do understand there are many levels of collectors; therefore, I will be offering here both the super rare and more common pieces.  

The Legacy Series 

The Legacy Series serves to share the unknown stories of America's greatest Automobilia and Petrobilia collectors through video interviews with my favorite collectors.