• FORD double sided milkglass sign


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    Amazing and very early Double sided milkglass FORD dealership sign out of Chisholm, Minnesota. Certainly the only one that exists as this was a one off order from this dealership. Sign is in exceptional shape for being approximately 100 years old! both sides of the metal skins and hanging brackets are all there with little to no issues, and no rust or rot what so ever. amazing. All of the original milkglass is there except the "d" on each side. Sale price includes new replacement glass that will match the old glass installed. I wired a plug to this sign...and every single socket lit up! unreal. there are 6 sockets on the bottom interior, and 6 on the top interior to light the glass. On one side, there are 3 access doors, and none on the other. i actually like the "access" side better, as i've never seen that before (most access panels are on the sides)! Overall, amazingly early and rare sign that will compliment any high end CAR/FORD/SIGN collection! A must have for the serious FORD collector or Museum.

    Sign measures 52.5" high x 99" long x 6" deep.

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