• Radiator Mascot collection


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    For your review...my entire Mascot collection. 65 RARE and Fantastic Mascots, Moto Meters and rare accessories! As I've gotten into many, many collections over the years, I've always kept my eye out for the unique or rare piece and strive to get that piece to add to my collection rather than the more common pieces. So, here is a chance to add 9 years of work and hunting all in one shot! As seen in the pictures, this collection commands a nice space to really be shown properly and appreciated! From the very rare Bou Bou monkey or the Punch man, to the large Isotta Fraschini and the Ab Lincoln (only 300 made in 1927)... it's just a collection of rare piece after rare piece. List of all pieces below:

     Bou Bou monkey, Punch man, Top hat gent by Rogers EP, Arys girl, Hassel policeman, Donald Duck, Josephine baker as Egyptian, Pickelhaub Boar, Hispano Souza, Winged motometer with bakelight cap, Butteryfly steam indicator in green enamel, Egyptian wings holding moto meter by H Brand, Ab Lincoln on winged mount, Large Issota Fraschini by F. Bazin, Man on the moon by Bofill, Large whillygig Police man, Willysnight, Large Cadillac Moto meter on nickel base, Chevroley "quota" trophy dated 1927, Spitfire on wings, Spirit of America (NOS) parade attachement with 5 flags, Royal auto vlub associate with enamel flag/ID tag with eagle mount dated 1915, Eagle on ball by Desmo, Large Eagle base with small eagle atop a Thomas Flyer ball, Small Eagle base with mini Moto Meter with blue temp lense, Dick Tracy, AMW wing base with fantastic American Eagle head, Glass St. Christopher on bakelite cap, NASH enamel Moto Meter and base, Mini Moto meter with Gibson Girl attachment, Jordan Moto Meter with diving girl speed wings, Maxwell, Mini Moto meter with Gibson girl on winged cap, Bently badge, Mercury Man dated 1927, Pontiac Indian head Moto meter, Rocket man temp guage, Packard Moto meter on Art deco wings, Packard Godess of speed on marble mount, Packard godess of speed, Large Warn-o-meter, Mint Cadillac (NOS) moto meter, Keystone Auto club on brass base, Buick Moto meter with double egg base, Rocket hood ornament with working fins, Dodge brothers Jingle bell mount, large Moto Meter with enamel car driver from the Dan Smith collection, Large Boyce MM with cardboard Uncle Sam parade attachment, White trucks horse, Hupmobile MM with 2 parade attachment, brittanica rules the world with flag, Dancing red girl with enamel face/hands, Baby aviator, Andy gump and jeff, Large brass girl with wings, Small eagle, Lincoln greyhound, small Indian chief, Desoto Knight, MM with Pronto horse, Rolls Royce Whisper, Rolls Royce Spirit of Ecstasy, Teleguage with plane, large dogbone with plane.